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Cleobury Ladies Team 2009

Back Row: Dorothy Cowdell, Jean Turner, Joan Griffiths, Pauline Sorrel,
Hilda Woodhouse, Dorothy Davies.
Front Row: Jean Wilson, Maggie Whitehouse, Christine Lloyd (Capt.) Joyce Blakemore,
Pam Lacey, Betty Rose.


Chairman, Don Scotford, (left) congratulating Mike Arrowsmith, on winning
the HORTON SHIELD. Tony Wilson (right) was the runner up.
The Horton Shield, is competed for on a handicap system.
Mike was of scratch and Tony was of  +4. It was a very close fought contest throughout with the lead
changing constantly, but Mike prevailed in the end to win 21-19.
(17 entries) 

After the annual bowling match competing for the ALLAN POWEL TROPHY.
This years match was held at Cleobury Mortimer.

The winners of the annual bowling match against Guilt Edge Bowling Club.
Winning back the



Brian Sheldon: Cleobury Mortimer Club Captain, being congratulated by

John Campbell, Guilt Edge Club Captain on wining back the

Alan Powell Trophy.

The result was was: Cleobury Mortimer 179 Shots Guilt Edge 140.


Christine Lloyd: ladies team Captain, presenting The Reed Cup to (scratch double)
to Chris Cowdell & Mike Arrowsmith, played fore on Saturday
May 9th. 2009. (18 entries)


The finalists of the REED CUP (Scratch doubles)
From the left, Pete Arrowsmith runner-up; Chris Cowdell and Mike Arrowsmith, the winners, and Tony Wilson, runner up .
This was a very good game with Chris and Mike taking a very good lead. At one stage they were leading 18-11, but Pete and Tony
fought back to lead 20-19 with the final end going to Chris and Mike to win 21-20. 




Club Chairman, Don Scotford
congratulating Chris Cowdell on winning the
  Don congratulating Betty Rose on getting to the final of the
The singles competition is run on a handicap system.
Chris was of scratch and Betty was of +4.
The final result was 21-16 (22 entries)


Norman Brookes (left) and Mike Weston   Carol Harley (left) and Pauline Sorrell
Pete & Mike Arrowsmith (background)
  Dave Harley (left) and Sam Lowe
The above three Photo's are of some of the members in the earlier rounds of the

Mike Arrowsmith (left) winner of the Allan Martin Cup,
with Ken Reynolds (right) the runner up. Mike won 21-20.
The trophy was presented by Gordon Griffiths (centre)
who is one of the clubs events organisers.
This event turned into a bit of a marathon with the first matches
starting at 2 pm and the final finishing at 9.50 pm
there were 22 entries.
It is a scratch singles competition and took place on
Saturday June 13th


The ISON CUP Saturday 27th June 2009
Mike Arrowsmith and Jean Wilson (left) being presented with the Ison Cup (scratch doubles) by Brian Sheldon (Club Captain, centre).
Maggie Whitehouse and Tony Wilson (right) were the runners up. The score being 21-6 to Mike and Jean.
Eight pairs took part in the competition with some very close games in the knockout stages, and it was a very enjoyable afternoons bowling in glorious



The Captains Day finalists and runners up. 
Pauline Sorrell, (left front) runner up; Brenda Sheldon, (rear left) Club Captains wife.
Maggie Whitehouse, (2nd. left front) runner up; Brian Sheldon, (rear right) Club Captain;
Hilda Woodhouse, (front right) with Phil Pack, (front right) Final Winners
The Final was played over 11 ends. Hilda & Phil won 15-5
The 4 finalist are seen with their prizes.


The losing semi finalist in the Captains Day Competition.
(left to right) Ken Reynolds, Joyce Blakemore, Linda Goucher and Jeff Martin.


Three shots of members taking part in the Captains Day competition.
(left) Norman Brookes & Roy Andrews,
(centre) Mike Hutchison, (right) Ron Reed.


Phil Pack, (left) and John Cadwallader.
These two members are responsible for organizing the days matches. The event is run as a round robin with each game played over 7 ends and 4 games in pairs. Four, of the highest scoring pairs, go forward into the semi-finals, played over 9 ends and the Final is played over 11 ends.
The day was a great success, marred only by a short shower late on in the afternoon.
There was a superb buffet lunch provided and supervised by Brenda Sheldon, Ann Jones, and Hilda Woodhouse.   


This is Glen Heywood and Louise Wilson,
both are in the UK on holiday from Australia.
Louise's parents are Tony & Jean Wilson, who are members of the club.
Glen & Louise both took part in the day’s competition