The second
Saturday September 22nd. 2012
Photos below of some of the supporters enjoying the days event.
The format was the same as used in all of these events: Three games for each pair of seven ends and the highest scoring pair wins the trophy to be held for 12 months.
The pairs were made up of  a Cleobury Mortimer bowler playing with one of the none playing  supporters of the Appeal. This worked out very well, by the time of the third match, the largely
none players had got the hang of bowling and started to put in some very good shots.
(As they say, it takes 5 minutes to learn to bowl and the rest of your life to master it)
A special thanks to all of the helpers on the day: The ladies who provided the refreshments
and helped to serve them, Phil Pack, Lesley Burnside and Dave Jones for running the match
And a special thanks to Dave Harley for instigating this well worthwhile event.
The amount raised over the two events run this season raised £420.00
Thanks to everyone who supported the day.






(l-r) Lucia Cox, Lesley Burnside, Sally Serrell-Cooke and Ivor Lloyd
With the New trophy for the Poppy Day Appeal


Dave Harley Presenting the trophy to Lesley and Lucia
Lucia & Lesley Score 26 shots over the 3 games



Presidents Day September 16th. 2012
and Presentation Day

Some of the members and guests from Highley Bowls Club taking part in the Presidents Day competition.
The President and Club Captain choose alternately players to form their teams.
 These are then paired, and drawn for order of play. Three games of seven ends are played and the highest score wins the President Trophy.
Because there were 38 players entered six players had to play singles matches.
The Presidents team won this year with 203 shots to 186 shots.
Today is also the day we hand over the cheque to Maurice Evans, for money we
raised at the two Air ambulance days that we hold in conjunction with Highly welfare Bowls Club,  of the
Shropshire Air Ambulance. (See Below)

Joan Griffiths, Gordon Griffiths
Pam Lacey & Eunice Williams

Norman Brookes, Ivor Lewis,
Lorraine Brookes & Carol Harley

Howard Broome, Bill Nixon,
Albert Mantle & Tony Wilson

Keith Evans, Colin McMurray,
Ivor Lloyd & Brian Williams

Lol Russon & Phil Pack.
 (Playing a singles Match)


Meurice Evans of Shropshire Air Ambulance



The victorious Presidents Team. With President Dave Jones (With Trophy)







Scratch doubles for pensioners Sept 13th 2012

Norman Brookes and Howard Broome with the
Norman & Howard played a terrific game to win this trophy
beating Ken Reynolds & Chris Cowdell 21-19
Well done to the two of them.


The HODGES CUP (for over 70s) 2012

Ken Reynolds and Colin McMurray,
shake hands before the final



Colin McMurray being presented with the HODGES CUP by Club Secretary Dave Harley
and congratulated on a fine win.




The Mottershead Cup (scratch triples) September 8th 2012

Chris Cowdell (L) presenting the Mottershead Cup to the Winning finalists
Mike Davies, Dorothy Davies and Brian Sheldon.
The winning trio played a superb game to win 21-14.
Well played.
The losing finalists were Ivor Lloyd, Paul Lloyd and Chris Cowdell





HORTON SHEILD (scratch doubles) September 1st 2012

Finalist playing in the REED TROPHY
(l-R) Stan Checketts, & Christine Lloyd, Joe Burnside & Lesley Burnside



Winners of the Horton Shield 2012
(l-r) Joe Burnside, With  Albert Mantle (c) presenting the Trophy & Lesley Burnside
Well played Joe & Lesley
This match was a very well played final. in the early stages Lesley & Joe were 8-0 down but fought
back really well to eventually take the final 21-19.
Well played both pairs





AUGUST 25TH. 2012

Joan Griffiths and Jean Wilson playing the 2nd round, which Joan won 21-20

Carol Harley and Jean Wilson chatting

Christine Lloyd and Joan Griffiths before playing the final


Lesley Burnside club vice chairman presenting Joan Griffiths with the Ladies Cup
Joan played extremely well to take this trophy for the second time,
the match was a tremendous final with Joan just edging it 21-20
Well played both finalists.




Highley Bowling club held their annual Air Ambulance Day, in conjunction with
Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club on Sunday August 5th. 2012.
The day start off very wet with a heavy rain storm delaying the start for a short time.
The match started in the rain (as can be seen from the pictures) but thankfully the rain ceased
and the skies brightened and made for a very good afternoon of bowling.
Forty seven members and guests raised £230.00 for this worthy cause.
The same format is always used in these matches i.e. a round robin of 4 games of 6 ends
with the highest aggregate from the four sections playing of the semi-finals and then the final of  7 ends.
A special thanks to Ron Smith the green keeper of Highley for keeping the green in such superb condition, Phil Pack and John Cadwallader for organising the round robin and especially the members of
Highley Bowls Club for providing a super buffet.          


1st Semi finalists:
Dean Law, Chris Cowdell, Bill Dixon (leading) & Bob Parry

2nd Semi finalists:
Eunice Williams, Lesley Burnside, Lauren Burnside & Brian Williams


The finalists before the final match


The losing finalist receiving the prize from
Mr. Lol Russon the President of the Highley League. 


Bob Parry & Chris Cowdell
Receiving the prizes from Mr. Lol Russon & Mr. Phil Pack
Bob & Chris won the final: played over 7 ends 9-3
Well done. 





The Daniel Taylor Air Ambulance Day
was played on Sunday July 29th 2012
This fund raising day was supported by  the Highley Miners welfare Bowling club.
The usual format was used to play the match i.e 4 round of 6 ends (the high turn out required this);
with the highest aggregates going into the semi-finals, then into the final of 8 ends.
A wonderful day was had by all, and very good buffet was provided by the Cleobury Mortimer members.
With the raffle and entry fees and a donation from the clubs social bowlers refreshment fund
a total of £300.00 was raised for this well worth while organisation.  


The two semi final games



The finalists
(l-r) Joe Burnside & Brian Williams V John Smith & Chris Cowdell


Dave Harley (Club Secretary) presenting the Final winners
Brian & Joe with the

The final was played over 8 ends
After the 8 ends the score was 8- 8,
so a coin was tossed to who would lead in the sudden death end.
John & Chris won the toss but a poor lead let Brian & Joe in to win 9-8
Well played Brian & Joe.


The four finalists with Phil Pack & Dave Harley
A special thanks must go to Phil Pack who organises the match cards
for the days event. also to Lesley Burnside and the members for helping
with the serving of the excellent buffet.






2012 Pictures

Saturday July 28th 2012
Some of the members during the competition
(All let to right).
8 pairs took part and members had to pick the own partners.

Howard Broome Ivor Lloyd,
Pauline Sorrell & Joan Griffiths

Joe Burnside, Paul Lloyd,
Christine Lloyd & Lesley Burnside

Ivor Lloyd, Carol Harley,
Dave Harley & Pauline Sorrell


The four finalists in the DOWNES CUP competition
(l-r) Paul Lloyd, Christine Lloyd, Jean Wilson & Chris Cowdell.


The final winners Paul Lloyd & Christine Lloyd
being presented with the Downes Cup by Dave Harley, the club Secretary.


Paul Lloyd and Christine Lloyd
proudly holding the Downes Cup
(Christine is his Mom)
It was a top class final
with the final score 21-19
Well done all players.




On Sunday July 22nd 2012 Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club played host
to the Ludlow Ladies League Merit
There was a good turnout and with a gloriously sunny day and an immaculate green
this made for some high class bowling from all of the ladies.
Below are some photos of a few of the players.
All Left to Right

Dorothy Davies & Joan Griffiths

Jan Roberts & Lesley Burnside

Jean Wilson & Viv Cooper

Lauren Burnside & Mary Clarke

Christine Lloyd & Viv Cooper

Edith Lewis & Jan Roberts

Viv Cooper on her way to winning the final
beating Jan Roberts


Members playing for the
Saturday June 30th 2012

Albert Mantle, Lesley Burnside,
Carol Harley & Dave Lee

Ken Reynolds, Joan Griffiths, (leading)
Christine Lloyd & Dave Harley

Howard Broome, Paul Lloyd,
Dennis Edwards & Ivor Lloyd (leading)

Joe Burnside, Gordon Griffiths,
Lauren Burnside & Laura Lee


(L-R) Dave Harley & Ken Reynolds With Ivor Lloyd & Paul Lloyd
Before playing the final of the ISON CUP


Paul Lloyd and Ivor Lloyd (Son & Father) receive the ISON CUP
From Christine Lloyd ( Mother & Wife).
It was a very Cloudy and blustery day, but some good quality bowling was seen in the
K.O. matches. But Paul & Ivor won the final convincingly by beating Dave & Ken, 21-4.
Well played to participants.

Members and friends enjoying the bowling on Captains Day June 24th. 2012.



Chris Cowdell, Club Captain, presented Lesley Burnside with a bouquet of flowers
in appreciation for doing the catering and all of the help she gave to me over the last few weeks, which helped to make the make the day such a success.


Dennis Edwards and Chris Cowdell,
congratulating Joan Griffiths and Pauline Sorrell
on winning the final of the Captains Day match.


Chris Cowdell, Pauline Sorrell, Joan Griffiths and Dennis Edwards
with their prizes.
Joan & Pauline played outstandingly all day.
The format for the match was two sections with all bowlers, in pairs, playing 4 games of 7 ends, with the highest scorers going into a final.
Joan & Pauline outplayed Dennis & Chris to win 9-4
Well done to you both. 


As Club Captain I would like to thank everyone who help to make this day such a success. The weather certainly helped as the sun shone from mid-morning until late evening, although the day was over by 6.30.
A special thanks to Phil Pack, Dave Jones, Ron Reed, Norman Brookes,
Joe Burnside and everyone who helped on the day, there are to many to name but you know who you are.


The ALLUN MARTIN CUP (Scratch singles)
Saturday June 9th 2012.
Some of  the early rounds

Albert Mantle 21
Mary Clarke 11

Joe Burnside 21
Howard Broome 14

Pauline Sorrell 20 & Dennis Edwards 21 (Front)
Lauren Burnside 21 Brian Sheldon 14



Lauren Burnside & Lesley Burnside
Semi finalists. ( Daughter & Mother)

Dennis Edwards & Joe Burnside
Semi finalists



Final Winner Joe Burnside
receiving the Allun Martin Cup from Ivor Lloyd.
Joe played his wife Lesley and played extremely well to win 21-6
Well done Joe





Club members and supporters of the British Poppy Appeal
Enjoying the bowling on Saturday May 26th 2012
And raising funds for the Poppy Appeal.
As can be seen the weather was superb for this well worth while event. 


Mike Arrowsmith and Charlie Watkins
With the Poppy Appeal Shield,
which they won at  the inaugural competition. 
The competition was three games of 5 ends, this was restricted to 5 ends because of the large entry.
Mike and Graham score 21 shots.



Mike and Charlie Watkins being presented with Poppy Appeal Shield by Dave Harley.
Dave is the Secretary of Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club.
Dave instigated this competition to raise fund for the British Legion Poppy appeal.
He must be congratulated on the hard work he has done to get this event of the ground.
Also a big thank you to all of the members who helped in the background; there are to many to name individually. 




The WAKEMAN CUP MAY 19th. 2012


The first round of the

Joe Burnside & Paul Lloyd

Dennis Edwards & Howard Broome

Brian Sheldon & Ken Reynolds

Christine Lloyd & Colin McMurray

Ivor Lloyd & Joe Taylor

Lauren Burnside & Albert Mantle
(Her Granddad)

Lesley Burnside & Chris Cowdell

Bill Taylor & Mary Clarke





Paul Lloyd & Colin McMurray
Finalists in the Wakeman Cup
Paul won 21-8


Paul Lloyd receiving the Wakeman Cup from his proud mother
Christine Lloyd (Cleobury 'B' Captain & Ladies team Captain)
Paul Played really well all afternoon his first 3 round
went 21-20 but had a easier final with a 21-8 finish
Well done Paul.






Tony Wilson (Welfare Officer) of Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club,
congratulating Gilt Edge Bowls Club on winning back the Alan Powell Trophy.
This annual match played on May Day is always played in the best of spirits and enjoyed by all members. Tony, always, organises the Cleobury side of the event doing a superb job, with thanks from the members.
The match next year will be played at Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club.




Chris Cowdell (Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club, Club Captain) Presenting the Allan Powell Trophy
to John Campbell (Gilt Edge Bowls Club, Club Captain)
Gilt Edge won 4 games to 1.
Well played gilt Edge.