The Green on Sunday March 31st. 2013





Meurice Evans The Air ambulance representative, thanking the member of Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club & the Highley Miners Welfare Bowling Club, for the generous donation made to the Air Ambulance. The money was raise on two days in July And August.



(L) President, Dave Jones being congratulated by Club Captain Gordon Griffiths
on winning the annual competition between the Presidents team & the Club Captains team.
The result being a tremendous
218-159 shots
The annual Presidents Day was once more a tremendous success
with very good weather all day long.
A special thanks to Phil Pack & John Cadwallader for organising the fixtures.
The event, would obviously, not be a success without the members participation.
So a big thank you to all of the members of Cleobury Bowls Club &
Highley Miners Welfare Bowls Club who all played with good humour and enjoyed the day. thank you all. 


Club members and British Legion supporters enjoying a good afternoons bowling.
It was a wonderful day, for this, the 3rd year that this event has been held. There are two Poppy Appeal Days each year one in June and this one in September. The format is the same for this type of event,
with all pairs playing three games of seven ends with the highest scoring  pair in each section going into the semi-finals, to get the two final pairs.
A special thanks goes to Carol Harley and Carol Evans for organising the refreshments, to Phil Pack who as usual organises the match great skill which allows the games to flow so easily.
And a special thanks to Dave Harley for organising the event for the benefit of the Royal British Legion.
the monies raced from both events came to a wonderful
Well done everyone. 



(l-r) Christine Lloyd & Tom Cox, Howard Broome & May Carter
before playing the final of the



Howard Broom & May Carter with their prizes.
won as runners up in the final.
Prizes were presented by Dave Harley, organiser of the


Christine Lloyd & Tom Cox winners of the
POPPY  APPEAL DAY competiton
The trophy was presented by Dave Harley.
Christine & Tom won the final played over 9 ends 8-2
It was a very good well played final but Christine & Tom played exceptionally well.
Well played by both pairs



Scratch doubles
Friday September 13th 2013

Christine Lloyd & Colin McMurray
The final was played in continuous rain which made for a very uncomfortable game, but
Christine & Colin made the most of it and won fairly comfortably
with a 21-16 score
Well played to both pairs.



Saturday September 7th 2013


 The two teams before the final.
(l-r) Mike Hutchinson, Ivor Lloyd, Kirk Williams, Christine Lloyd, Paul Lloyd & Dean Williams.


Winners of the Mottershead Cup
Presented with Cup by Phil Pack (rear)
(l-R front) Kirk Williams, Dean Williams & Mike Hutchinson



(scratch singles for over 70s)
Monday September 2nd. 2013

Chris Cowdell with the Hodges Cup
Chris played against Mike Arrowsmith in the final of this competition and it was a very tight fought match
with Mike taking very good early lead but Chris stuck to it and eventually managed to win
Well played both players. 



Sunday September 1st 2013

SPARKIES, winners of the Sunday Morning K.O. Cup.
(l-r) Mike Hutchinson, Colin McMurray, Kirk Williams John Carey and Paul Lill.
They beat the WURZELS fairly convincingly.
But well played both teams.



Sunday September 1st. 2013

CHAINGANG, winners of the Sunday morning league Consolation Cup.
(l-r) Stan Checkett, Ivor Lloyd, Jim Roberts and Ray Link (captain) 5th member Christine Lloyd.
They beat the MISFITS in a very well played game
Well played both teams


 Final of the JULES CUP
Scratch Pairs (over 65s)

Friday August 30th 2013

Colin McMurray (L) & Bill Taylor
After winning the JULES CUP.
Their opponents were Ken Reynolds & Howard Broome,
It was a tight, skilful  game at 13 across Then Bill took over the lead and with Colin at the back they ran away with game, winning 21-14
Well played both pairs.




(scratch singles)
Saturday August 24th 2013

Lesley Burnside presented with the Ladies Cup by Gordon Harris.
With runner up Carol Harley.
Due other commitments of some members only 4 ladies competed for the Ladies Cup,
None the less, the final was a tight affair but Lesley got the upper hand finaly winning 21-16




Saturday August 10th.2013

Ivor Lloyd and Phil Pack
holding the REED CUP which they won by beating
Lesley Burnside and Paul Lloyd
Both pairs played really well with Ivor & Phil taking a very good lead
& at one stage lead 19-4 but Lesley and Paul dug deep and got back to 19-16
Then Ivor & Phil finished with 2 very good bowls to clinch the match.
Well played both pairs.




Above: Member and friends from Highley Welfare Bowls Club
and Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club,
enjoying their selves 


The first games about to begin.


Dave Harley leads for the first end.


Ron Smith (L) The Highley Green Keeper, & Phil Pack, the match co-ordinator.


The Semi-finals

Pauline Sorrell & Lorraine Brookes (L)
Jan Hetherington & Norman Brookes

Ron Reed & Theresa Russell (L)
Lesley Burnside & Ivor Lewis



Ivor Lewis & Lesley Burnside V Jan Hetherington & Norman Brookes



Lesley Burnside & Ivor Lewis
won 9-8 over 9 ends
Well played

The Air Ambulance Day held at Highley Welfare Bowls Club
was, in spite of the weather, a tremendous successes. Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club supported the day. there was a turnout of 50 + players.
As from the pictures it can be seen that it rained almost continually during the whole of the day, but f after a short delay to the start the players put on brave face and got on with it. The match was again played 3 games over 7 ends with the semi-finals 8 ends and the final over 9 ends.
The final was played in continues rain and was very close all the way with Lesley & Ivor just taking the last end to gain victory. Well played to all players for taking part.
 A special thanks must go to the committee and members for providing a substantial buffet for everyone to enjoy. Also once again a special thanks to Phil Pack & John Cadwallader for organising the games. Also to the green keeper Ron Smith for preparing the green which stood up so well in these awful conditions.
The total monies raised for the Air Ambulance was £250.00. 






Semi Finalists 

Gordon Griffiths & Lol Russon,
Brenda Turner & Ron Reed

Ivor Lloyd & Barbara Frost,
Carol Harley & Brian Williams


Gordon & Lol shake hands with Brian & Carol
before playing the final

Gordon & Lol with Brian & Carol after playing the final.
It was a good final but Gordon & Loll hit top form and won
14-0 over 9 ends.

The Air Ambulance Day was a great success with over 50 players taking part.
The Highley Bowls Club, once again turned out to support this event and to make it a wonderful day. Phil Pack & John Cadwallader once again did a sterling job in organising the matches: All players played 3 games of 7 ends with the highest scores going into the semi's which was played over 8 ends & the final over 9 ends
A very special thanks must go to Lesley & Lauren Burnside for organising the buffet & running the raffle. Also those who helped in the background too. A special thanks must go to KATER FRESH of Cleobury Mortimer for helping with the donation of catering supplies.
The total money raised was £250.00.

The Cleobury Bowls club will be supporting the Highley Club at their
Air ambulance Day on Sunday August 4th 1.00 pm start.     


Saturday July 27. 2013
DOWNES CUP (scratch doubles)

Lauren Burnside, Joe Burnside (Laurens dad),
Christine Lloyd & Paul Lloyd (mother and son),
before playing the final of the
Competitors for this competition choose their own partners.


Joe Burnside and Lauren Burnside being presented with the
by Lesley Burnside (club secretary, & Lauren's mom)
Well played to Father & daughter



Saturday July 13th 2013

Bob Jennings & Margret Jennings (L) with Kirk Williams & Lesley Burnside
before playing the final of the Horton Shield.
Both Pairs had played some tremendous games to reach the final.
A special mention must go to Margret, she only usually plays the odd roll-up with Bob, this was the first competitive final she has played in and she played superbly all day. The temperature was in the high 20's all day long so it was a stamina test as well.  



Kirk & Lesley receiving the Horton Shield
from Christine Lloyd (Cleobury Ladies team captain)
Lesley & Kirk won 21-12.
Well done to both players.




This years Captains Day  was played on a most beautifully sunny day.(It clouded over in the evening)
The matchs were once again organised by Phil Pack and John Cadwallader, they both make the event seem so easy. The same format was used as in all previous competitions of this sort. Because of the large entry this year, it was three games of six ends
in four groups with the highest aggregate going through to the semi-finals of seven ends, and the the final was of eight ends.
A superb buffet was once again organised by Lesley Burnside and severed up with the help of Joan Griffiths (captains wife) and  the lady members. The raffle was run by Dorothy Davis and Joan Griffiths. A special thanks to Howard Broome who did the washing up. If anyone is left out a thank you to you.   



Gordon Griffiths: Club Captain, who with his wife Joan and club members organised a wonderful days bowling.


Above: Club members and friends enjoying the day



Lauren Burnside & Tony Wilson 
Chris Cowdell & Carol Harley
before playing their semi-final

Mike Hutchinson & Marcy Hutchinson (Father Daughter) 
  Joyce Blakemore & Mike Davis
before play their semi-final


Carol Harley & Chris Cowdell with Gordon Griffiths (Club Captain)
after presenting both players with their prizes after winning the final.
Carol and Chris both played extremely to win the final over 8 ends
winning 11- 1
Well done to both players.  



Saturday June 22nd.2013

This new trophy, the JACK IN THE BOX
is to commemorate Bob Atkiss
who passed away in 2012.
Bob, bequeathed his Woods and Jack to his life long friend, Brian Sheldon.
Brian, decided to  make a trophy out of the jack, and made a small cabinet of clear glass and placed the Jack on a plinth within the box.
 This trophy was played for on the above date. The first time winners of this trophy 
were Lesley Burnside and Bill Taylor who played
Michael Hutchinson and Brian Sheldon in the final
Brian Sheldon (centre) presented the trophy to
Lesley and Bob who played extremely well to win
Well done to Lesley and Bill.




Saturday June 15th. 2013

Paul Lloyd and Howard Broom, receiving the Ison Cup from Christine Lloyd
Cleobury Ladies Captain.   



Saturday June 8th. 2013
(scratch singles)

Albert Mantle & Mike Hutchinson
Before playing their final.

Albert Mantle being presented with the Alan Martin Cup by his daughter Lesley Burnside,
Lesley is the Vice Chairman of Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club.
Albert played Mike Hutchinson in the final. Both players played 4 games to get to the final, all 21 up, so it was a good days work for both players. The final was very tight with Albert winning after a tremendous battle 21-19.
Well done to both players.




2013 Poppy Fund Appeal (1st.Day)
Saturday June 1st. 2013 


The above pictures showing all British Legion members and Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club members enjoying the weather and the excellent bowling.



This is the second year that the Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club has played host to the Poppy Appeal fund. Once again the day was blessed with super weather all day long. British Legion members from Cleobury Mortimer, Clee Hill, Rock & Far Forest branches turned out in force to enjoy the day.
The playing format was as last year: Three Games of seven ends in pairs. Because of the large number of entries the  highest aggregate over the three games won the trophy, that is held for six months.
The, second day Poppy appeal fund, will be held on September 21st.2013
Please support this fund raising day.
A special thanks must go to Phil Pack for organizing the matches: He makes it look so simple.
Also to Carol Harley and Carol Evans for organizing the refreshments and running the raffle; both ladies worked tirelessly throughout the day.


The winners of the Poppy day Appeal Fund was Ivor Lloyd (L) and Martyn Wriggleworth.
(Unfortunately Martyn had to leave as soon his last game had finished)   But his father James (R) stood in for him and accepted the trophy on his behalf. Dave Harley (C) presented the trophy
to the worthy winners who scored 32 shots. Well done both players.



Wakeman Cup
Saturday May 18th. 2013
(Handicap singles)


Phil Pack and Paul Lloyd
shake hands before playing the final


Phil Pack receiving the Wakeman Cup from Christine Lloyd,
Cleobury Ladies Team Captain




Monday May 6th 2013

This year, it was the turn of Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club, to host the
Alan Powell Trophy against Gilt edge Bowls Club, from Kidderminster. This very popular fixture is played on a home and away
basis. A good turnout of players plus the warmest day of the year so far
made for a top class day.
Some top class play ensured a very enjoyable day.
After the match all players and friends enjoyed a beautiful buffet meal
prepared by Lesley Burnside and other members.
The Trophy was won by Cleobury Mortimer after an early scare when they
were behind after the first four games, but they pulled back to eventually win
177 shots to 155 shots.



Players and friends enjoying the weather and some first class bowls


Gordon Griffiths (Cleobury Club Captain) left
From Mark Santos (Gilt Edge Club Captain)
Tony Wilson (Club Welfare Officer, and organiser of the event) right